An extended scientific workshop

2020-02-16 09:39:07

Today held workshop in Azadi Hall at Duhok Technical Institute, in the presence of Professor (Dr. Adnan Mohsen Abdulazeez), President of polytechnic University of Duhok, deans of both colleges are technical college and administrative, technical colleges, Technical Institute of Duhok and Technical Management Institute of Duhok, and a large group of teaching staffs from the four scientific institutes and this workshops for increasing to use and activation of information technology, which It serves the scientific process, rankings of the university locally and internationally. In this workshop, which was organized by (Dr. Diyar qader, Mr. Muhammad Abdul Razzaq and Mr. Omar Mohammed Salih) from Information Technology Department at University Presidency, each of one presented a clarification of how to use the moodle, activate it, increase its visitors, and publish lectures and scientific research. In a valuable statement for the President of University, he clarified the significance of the scientific workshop and summarized its with real goal in two methods according to the best of their abilities , which is to work of scientific research and activation of the (moodle) from teaching staff , and renewed the expression of the university's support for researchers, in both ways financially and morally.

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