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!جوانکرن بەردەوامە

                  فەرمانبەرێت تایبەت یێن سەخبێرکرنا باغچێن کۆلیژ و پەیمانگەهێ وێ باغچان...

2018-12-10 06:27:07

We would like to inform the High School graduated student (Scientific and Literary Branches) that Akre Technical Institute will accept students in the following departments for the academic year...

2018-09-08 06:42:19

To all ١٢ year graduated students to attend to Akre Technical Institute from today onward to complete the enrolment applications for Akre Technical College and Institute. Please note: the...

2018-09-06 10:39:32
Paid a visit

The head of the High Examinations Committee at Dohuk Poly Technic University Assistant Professor Dr. Zirak Azizkhan paid a visit to Akre Technical College and institute today. He was received warmly...

2018-09-03 01:14:32
... Second Attempt Exams

Today 2/9/2018 the second attempt exam started in akre technical institute....

2018-09-02 10:01:42

روژا چارشه‌مبی 30/5/2018 به‌رێز د.زیره‌ك عزیزخان سه‌روكێ لژنابلند یا ئه‌زموونا سه‌ره‌دانا كولیژ و په‌یمانگه‌ها ته‌كنیكی-ئاكرێ كر، و مه‌ره‌م ژ ڤێ سه‌ره‌دانێ ئه‌و بوو كو پتر سه‌رهه‌لی كاروبارێن زانستی ببیت و ب تایبه‌تی تاقیكرنێن دماهیا سالا خاندنێ 2017/2018

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