Exam Instructions

1. Students must take their identification badges into the examination room and show them when asked.


2. No papers or books of any kind are allowed inside the room.


3. Students must write their names as they appear on the official lists, as well as their class, department, and the subject of the examination. They must write in ink.


4. No talking is allowed inside the examination room.


5. No pages may be torn out of the examination answer booklet.


6. All questions must be addressed to the supervisor of the room. Students may not talk to the proctors.


7. Students may not leave the room for the first half hour of the examination period, nor may they enter the room after the examinations have been distributed.


8. When the supervisor announces the end of the examination period, students must remain in their seats until they have handed their examination booklets to the proctors.


9. Students may not move from one seat to another without the permission of the supervisor.


10. All students must bring their own writing instruments. They may not borrow from one another in the examination room.


11. If it is confirmed that a student has cheated or tried to cheat on any daily, weekly, monthly or final exam, the student will fail all subjects for the year. If the student cheats again, the student will be expelled from the university and his or her name will be removed from the records.


12. Students are forbidden to bring mobile phones or any other electronic devices into the examination room.

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