The CDC Unit at Bardarash Technical Institute conducted a field trip

2019-11-26 01:21:42

On 19th and 26th of November 2019, The Career Development Center’s program coordinator at Bardarash Technical Institute (Mr. Arshad Ameen Haidar) and with cooperation with (Mr. Serwan, Mr. Imad, Mr. Rithwan and Ms. Ranya)-Teachers at Bardarash Technical Institute, conducted a practical and theoretical workshop on (Adult Nursing in Azadi Hospital in Duhok City. In each day, twenty students were being taught practically about Adult Nursing. Therefore, students could learn more about medical devices, and how to use them by being learned by professional doctors.

The visit, was a valuable experience for the students as it taught them how to use medical devices and how to be compassionate and caring with patients. Also, to improve their abilities and to prepare them for the future, and enhance their chances for job opportunities after graduation.

This workshop was held for forty students of the Nursing Dept.

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