Road Construction

The Vision:

The Department to be distinct in providing outstanding academic programs Applied according to modern techniques in road construction to serve the community and qualifying moderation to work according to modern international standards

The Mission:

Prepare intermediate cadres competent in the jurisdiction of the road construction is able to work in the public and private sectors in this area and in accordance with the modern techniques to ensure the quality of work.

The Objectives:

Create intermediate staff able to:

  1.      Prepare the data necessary for planning and design of roads and transport projects.
  2.      To assist engineers in the implementation of all phases of road projects, as well as supervision.
  3.      The use of modern software engineering to draw diagrams and to calculate the quantities of substances.
  4.      Conduct laboratory tests and field for road works and analyze the results of the construction materials and asphalt.
  5.      To perform the acts in the area of road projects using modern equipment


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