The Vision:

To become the Department of Mechanics one of the distinct departments of the Duhok Technical Institute which leads the Duhok Technical Institute to be one of the outstanding institutes in    the region and the main source to graduate and prepare qualified technical staff in the field of mechanical techniques to the public sector and the private sector.

The Mission:

Preparation of distinctive technical staff in the field of mechanics to contribute in the building and developing the local and regional community, and keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of mechanical techniques and their applications and translate them in conformity with the curriculum of the department to graduate qualified and competent technical staff in this field.

The Objectives:

  1. Preparation of qualified technical staffs as a liaison between specialists and skilled labors to work in government sectors and private sectors.
  2. Provide the graduates with practical and theoretical information and Keep pace with the progress in technology developments in the field of mechanics to build the ability to implement all the mandated tasks.
  3. Add a touch of scientific expertise and experimental methods, the use of modern mechanical techniques, communication skills to communicate with others and instill a sense of work team by students.
  4. Work on removing the gap between the governmental and private sectors and between the educational sectors and work together for the public benefit, through the work of joint sessions and participate together in the process of developing the curriculum.
  5. Permanent development of the study program to ensure the keep up with the rapid changes in all the fields which are related to the department and to achieve consistent and comprehensive quality assurance.
  6. Provide the society with qualified technical staff to work within the terms of occupational safety and conditions of preserving the environment.

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