Manufacturing Technology


Provide academic and educational opportunities to improving the production and metals field in addition to industrial field and computer- aided manufacturing (CAM)for the institute student level according to the new improvement in technology and new requirement for the society the mission will be accomplished by:Prepare student to become skill to technicians by providing educational opportunities.


The Department of Manufacturing Technology at Duhok polytechnic university where it will be a prominent program to contribute to the development of industry and production in Kurdistan especially in Duhok. Department of Advanced Manufacturing will be recognized for its excellence by:

  • The manufacturing Technology program prepare for careers in the manufacturing industry. The program supports applied research, product development, and commercialization solutions.
  • The program teaches the most current technology in computer numerical control (CNC)programing, and computer-controlled autonomous systems.
  • The studying program of the department allows to improve the knowledge and expertise in using computer and scientific and engineering essentials to solve the industrial problems, and this program is supported with a practical field by existing labs in addition to the workshop.
  • Create and deliver degree programs in manufacturing technology through learning, discoverer, and engagement hat attract nationwide attention to their outcome.
  • Learn students professionally by encouraging creativity, innovation, and teamwork.
  • To provide quantity education by high standards of professional ethics through transparency.


The objectives of the new department are the following:

  • Graduate students have ability to operate the CNC machines and know how to read the error symbols and executing the programs designed by the engineer, in addition to repairing any error may be happened in the machine and how to investing it.
  • Graduate intelligent technicians who have ability to innovate and be responsible in working fields.
  • Providing the student with scientific expertise and using the new techniques in production and computer technology and automation.
  • Permanent modification and continuous for the curriculum which adequate with modern improvements.
  • Recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in, continuing formal education as well as lifelong learning.

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