Information Technology

The Vision:

The subject Information Technology will enable learners to understand the principles of computing through the use of current programming language, hardware and software, and how these apply to their daily lives, to the world of work and to their communities. Such understanding will be achieved by providing learners with opportunities to:

  • Applications in various disciplines.
  • Work competently in a dynamic computer-using environment which includes:                            
    • Effective communication.
    • Problem-solving approaches.
    • Team work.
    • Responsible use of technology.
    • Precision and accuracy.
  •  Demonstrate how the creative uses of different computer technologies facilitate human interaction.
  •  Show proficiency in selecting and customizing appropriate computer applications, hardware and media to provide and communicate innovative solutions across all sectors of society.
  •  Design and programme well-tested and user-friendly computer-based solutions to meet specific requirements.
  •  Prepare for a career path, Higher Education and lifelong learning, thus enabling learners to become effective members of a computer-using society.

The Mission:

The knowledge and skills acquired in Information Technology enable learners to use information and communication technology (specifically computers) in social and economic applications, systems analysis, problem solving (using either applications or a current object-oriented programming language), logical thinking, information management and communication. It is envisaged that the fundamental knowledge and skills developed will not be restricted only to Information Technology but also relate to The following focus areas will be included in Information Technology:

  • Algorithm design.
  • Career paths.
  • Computer hardware and devices.
  • Database development.
  • Future trends.
  • Human-computer interaction.
  • Management of information.
  • Networking principles.
  • Problem formulation and solution (projects).
  • Programming.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • system software.
  • web page authoring.

The Objectives:

In the General Education and Training band, the Technology Learning Area is an integrated study covering a wide range of technological areas organized around the following foci:

  1.      Technology and society.
  2.      Technological capability, knowledge and understanding.
  3.      Information and communication technology.

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