Information Technology Management


This foundation was in 2013, aimed to prepare specialists in skills that include management and information and capable of taking responsibilities to work in different managements that apply accounting, financial and administrative systems of work and also using information to run and manage different organizations in a way that helps to make decisions based on correct and sound data. The graduates are able to use those systems and applications in managing accounting, monetary, and administrative operations. Also, the use of administrative data base to prepare the information that are used in different organizations and also assisting the process of designing the IT and its mechanism to develop it in a way that meet the developed and renewed labor requirements. Furthermore, the assessment of the process of decision –taking through collecting data and analyzing it in different sectors and fields.


Providing the new graduates with the scientific fundamentals that help them to be specialized in the fields of programming and IT, and also providing them with excellent textbooks that are subordinated to quality standards and the positive reaction of the department to serve the environment and developing the society.



The department attempts to form an extraordinary scientific basis in the field of IT to be compatible with the technological and scientific developments and the achievement of quality in the university performance and to promote the students’ levels towards entrepreneurial competitiveness.


  •          Preparing a highly qualified cadre that are scientifically provided with skills of management and information that are used in accounting, financial and administrative operations and also managing the affairs of different organizations to make proper decision – taking based on sound and developed data.
  •          Preparing a highly qualified cadre should be able to use ready applications in managing the accounting, financial, and managerial operations using administrative data base in a way that suits the renewed labor needs as well as to have intellectual awareness prevailed among individuals of the society.
  •          Providing students with sort of textbooks that give them the chance of selecting the desired specialty to provide graduates with variety of scientific backgrounds.
  •          The establishment of cooperative relationships among the departments and other related companies concerned with programming industry to make good use of experiences that support the scientific research in the field of IT.
  •          Starting training courses that aim at raising levels of computer applications in different fields and encourage people to join them.
  •          Establishing a quality system that ensures raising the performance at educational, research and serving society levels.


Descriptions of the Graduate’s Tasks:

       The graduate is qualified to do the following tasks:

  •          Programming different management systems’ operations.
  •          Using different applications in the operations management.
  •          Developing the information systems’ mechanisms.
  •          Dealing with the data bases in a way that suits the renewed labor requirements.
  •          The establishment of websites on the internet.


 The Admission:

  The department admits the preparatory schools students/scientific branch conclusively/ and the institute graduates /computer studies.

Head of Dept.:

  • Full name : Dr. Amira Bibo Silow
  • Email (important) : [email protected]
  • Mobile (optional): 
  • Degrees awarded and their field: computer sciences ( data security )




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