Accounting Techniques


This department was established in 2013, and aims to prepare a specialized technical staff to work in the fields of financial and accounting sciences to find employment opportunities in the insurance companies and other financial and monetary institutions and other companies concerned with computer technologies that perform accounting and monetary tasks, thus, this specialty is unique for any kind of study related to administration and economics.


 Entrepreneurship and distinction in providing educational programs and other research activities that serve the society in the field of accounting and finance.


Preparing scientifically qualified staffwith technical and academic efficiencies that satisfy the labor market needs of the graduates who have wide knowledge in the fields of finance and accounting.


 Preparing technical and scientific staffassigned and specialized to work in accounting and finance fields of study in the insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions and also in companies that use computer technologies to complete the accounting and financial transactions.


Description of the Graduate Task:

       The graduate is qualified to have the following tasks:

  • Working in all the institutions that have different accounting tasks.

  • Organizing the accounts and the balance sheet budget and other financial issues in all public organizations and big companies.

  • The ability to use the ready applications in all accounting and financial sciences of different types.

  • Working as a cost accounting and administrative accountant in big companies and institutions that depend on scientific management or on professional managers who adopt the quantitative accounting information to rationalize different administrative jobs.

  • Working as an expert and financial analyst in money markets and bureaus.

  • The ability to plan and analyze different financial activities at the banks and insurance companies.


The students of preparatory schools are admitted, those who graduated from the scientific and literary branches and also a rate of the best first quarter of the graduates of the technical institutions in the departments of accounting, banks and insurance, and some very distinguished officials.

Head of the Dep:

Name: Nizar Rasheed Noree

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 07504796017

Certificate: Master – Business management

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