The research center is linked to the Directorate of Skills Development and Innovation. The research center is hierarchically connected to all research centers at the university, and this includes the research centers of each college and institute. Since its establishment, the research center has been trying to organize the way of producing research in the university by encouraging researchers to aim for quality journals and conferences by allocating a certain amount of money for each quality level. The research center has put regulations on the payment strategy for each publication type to encourage staff to submit to high-quality journals and conferences.

The research center is also responsible for all research groups of the university. It is aware of the activities of each research group. This is important when conducting coordination regarding a project between the university and a governmental or non-governmental agency outside the university. DPU has launched two conferences; ICOASE 2018 and ICOASE 2019. The research center offered DPU researchers full-fee participation in those above-mentioned conferences, including registration, attendance, and oral presentation for the whole period of the conference.

The research center is responsible for the following activities:

Oversight of Duhok Polytechnic University’s research strategy

2-Represent Duhok Polytechnic University to external R & D funding agencies in Iraq as well as worldwide institutions.

3-Initiate research activities that contribute to new discoveries, scientific and technical breakthroughs, innovation, and institutional reputation.

4: Coordinate and promote the university’s research.

5-Responsible for initiating partnerships and collaborations with industry via research, knowledge transfer, and internships. In addition, overseeing and monitoring the implementation of international programs and agreements.

6-Promote international collaboration in research and engage in strategic alliances and networking with other worldwide universities.

7-Managerial responsibility of the skills development directorate responsible for the skills development of the academic staff members of the DPU.

8-Promote interdisciplinary research collaboration with the interaction of the university’s deans.

9-Establish, maintain, and oversee programs and research laboratories and centers.


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