Technical Education Reform In Kurdistan Toward Bologna Process Implementation (ETCS)

2019-08-06 06:11:32

In order to be closer to the representatives of Polytechnic Universities of Kurdistan, a meeting of Specialty Section was at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches on 4th August, 2019. The meeting was about finalizing the decision of applying the (ETCS) at technical colleges. Hence, there is going to be a session about (Technical Education Reform in Kurdistan toward Bologna Process Implementation - August 24-25, 2019). The meeting was run by Hawler Polytechnic University President (Dr. Kawa), (Dr. Zirak Azizkhan)-Duhok Polytechnic University, (Dr. Soran) and (Dr. Najeeb)- Hawler and Sulaimaniya universities, on the other hand, there were deans and department heads of colleges and institutes attended the meeting. For more information check the photo below.

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