QA weekly seminars

On Monday (2022/1/17) Quality assurance unit set up within an activity with presenting two seminars,by the TCPM staff in College Building for a group of academic staff and for the 4 year...

2022-01-17 04:36:44
TCPM Conducted a Meeting with the demonstrators.

Today,Sunday (2022/1/9). Associate dean and head of Petroleum Geology Dept Asst.Prof.Dr. Ammar Isam Edress held a meeting with demonstrators. purpose of this meeting is for a better begin for the...

2022-01-09 04:36:18
QA weekly seminar

On (3/1/2022) a seminar with the title (Linear regression Vs Logistic regression) was presented by (Asst. Prof. Qais Mustafa Abdel Qader) for some lecturers of the Technical Institute of Zakho in our...

2022-01-03 12:23:33

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