CDC at TCPM has Conducted a Seminar

on Sunday 27th of November, 2022. the Assistant Professor Mr.Qais Mustafa Abdulqader presented a seminar titled "Effectively Marketing CDCs to Students" The discussion was about the importance of the...

2022-11-28 12:16:12
Welcoming New Students of the 2022 year

Today on Monday 2022/11/28 in the presence of the Assistant Dean of the College (Dr. Ammar E. Idris), welcomed the 1st-year students of the Petroleum Geology Department by The Petroleum...

2022-11-28 09:06:30
A lecturer at TCPM Publishes a Textbook

After publishing a textbook in the field of oil exploration, (Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdultheem M. Al-Mashhadani), one of the Petroleum Geology Department lecturers, published a textbook entitled (Solved...

2022-11-28 03:38:48

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