Health Management

Program description

Health management is one of the modern concepts in management, and it is one of the most important and profitable jobs in the health sector, and it was usually occupied by senior specialists, but at the present time with the increasing complexity of activities related to hospital work, the existence of a job dedicated to hospital management has become necessary, Persons who organize, coordinate, direct, and supervise the delivery of health care are called hospital administrators or health care administrators.

The Health Administration major provides the necessary administrative skills to provide health and medical services to those in need with high efficiency.

The health department is the link between health care services and the services of those in charge of providing these services. This job requires effective use of the material and financial resources of the hospital, in addition to creating an institutional work atmosphere that serves the growth and development of its employees. People from medical or non-medical academic backgrounds can work in hospital management. The opening of such departments is of great benefit, as most of our hospitals lack efficient administrative technical cadres who have experience in the field of hospital management. level of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Vision :

The department in our institute seeks to be a pioneer in graduating technical administrative cadres who have the ability to plan, organize, direct and control health services.


Mission :

Preparing qualified, supportive staff in health administration who enjoy all administrative and supervisory skills (planning, supervision, motivating, directing, evaluating and monitoring) and emphasizing the need for coordination between health cadres and supportive cadres in hospitals for the purpose of making the referral and family medicine systems a success, and enabling the graduate to apply the mechanization system Information and skills development in the use of calculators, the Internet, English conversation, and medical terminology for diseases.


Objectives of the department :

The Department of Health Administration seeks to prepare and prepare the student during the two years of study so that he has experience in how to manage health and address the administrative problems that the hospital is going through and make important administrative decisions. And the development of its work as the department aims to achieve the following:

1- Preparing efficient administrative cadres with experience in how to manage hospitals

2- Develop work in the health field and how to manage health efficiently.

3- Possessing the ability to make administrative decisions.

4- Full awareness of the needs of the hospital and the ability to manage all the human resources and medical supplies available to it to achieve the greatest benefit for the patient, rationalize the use of medicines, make good use of medical equipment in hospitals, and organize time. To achieve ease in the patient's access to medical service and to organize access to medical information and data accurately.

5- The student's possession of information about the international standards of health management in hospitals.


Advantages of the health administration major :

Studying the health administration major provides students with the necessary theoretical and applied knowledge in the management of health sectors, by teaching students the skills of analyzing the social aspects of health cases, applying advanced projects to improve the efficiency of hospitals and health centers, and the ability to communicate with health sectors at the international level. Students majoring in health administration will also acquire the necessary skills that enable them to take preventive measures against risks and expected sources of damage before they occur


Job opportunities for graduates of the Health Administration major are in :

1- Ministry of Health

2- Hospitals and other healthcare institutions

3- Rehabilitation centers

4- Academic work in universities

5- Research centers and institutions that provide home health care services

6- Consulting companies

7- Health insurance companies and non-governmental organizations working in the field of health

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