Mission & Vision

  • Definition

The directorate is a part of the hierarchy of the research center in the DPU. It supports Duhok Polytechnic University and its holistic vision through underpinning research and teaching skills. The focus of the DSDI is to provide certified short and long-term courses, workshops as well as seminars for employees, academic staff and students for the purposes of the capacity building.  DSDI has units in all colleges and institutes of the DPU to facilitate the DSDI’s services and work as a linkage between the DSDI and other DPU branches. Currently,Kawar Salih is the director of DSDI.  

  1. Mission

The directorate main missions are:

  • Research skills development among staff and students.
  • Qualifying the university employees and the teaching staff.
  • Raising academic Language level (particularly, English language).
  • Supporting researcherswith new software and laboratory services.


  • Vision

The Directorate visions to collaborate with international universities to provide its services and courses online under an international umbrella.

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