Kurdistan National Flag Day Celebration in DPU

It’s Kurdistan national flag day on Wednesday 17 December that the DPU President Prof.Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez, Dr. Zirak Azizkhan Deputy for the Scientific Affairs and Dr. Salah Abdal Azo Deputy for the Administrative and Financial Affairs celebrated on the raising of the Kurdistan Flag at the DPU. This sacred event was attended by the staff of the DPU presidency and the flag grabbed as raised on the DPU Presidency Building by the President. Occasionally, a number of small iron flag patches attached on the chest of the DPU Directorates and the staff by the President and his two Deputies. Meanwhile, the DPU President also participated in the party of each of the Duhok Technical College  of Engineering and Duhok Technical Institute which took place in Duhok Technical Institute. That’s to say, the National Flag Day, and the Student Introducing Party of the Duhok Technical College of Administration and Duhok Administrative Technical Institute have taken place in Noble Hall simultaneously.

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