Hospitals Management


The Department of Hospital Management seeks to prepare and prepare the student during the two years of the study to have the experience in how to manage hospitals and address the administrative problems that the hospital undergoes and make important administrative decisions. This section also seeks to give the diploma of the student to work in all public and private hospitals With a view to developing its work.


The vision of the department: The opening of such departments has a great benefit as most of our hospitals lack efficient technical management cadres with expertise in the field of hospital management. Therefore, the establishment of a cadre of the central management has experience in this area will develop the administrative work in hospitals, Of the new sections at the level of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Objectives of the Department:

The department aims to:

  1. Preparation of qualified administrative cadres with experience in the field of how to manage hospitals
  2. Develop work in the health field and how to manage hospitals efficiently.
  3. Possessing the ability to make managerial decisions.
  4. Full knowledge of the needs of the hospital and the ability to manage all human resources and medical supplies available to achieve the greatest benefit to the patient and rationalize the use of medicines and good use of medical devices in hospitals and time management. To facilitate the patient's access to medical service and organize access to information and medical data accurately.
  5. The student has information about the global standards of health management in hospitals.

 Description of the Graduate Task:

A graduate of the Hospital Management Department can work in the following fields:

  1.  Public and private hospitals.
  2. Health centers and public and private clinics.
  3. Health insurance companies.
  4. pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Specialized clinics.
  6. Health units in the public and private sector.
  7. Health departments in different health areas.
  8. Contracts for hospital operating companies


 Had of department:

Name: Nifsar abdulqader abdail 

Degree: Economy


Tel.: 07504455614


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