Amedi Technical Institute Student’s 13th Graduation Ceremony

2018-09-27 11:13:33

Under the token (Science and our Abilities will Empower Kurdistan) the thirteenth graduation ceremony for 236 students of Amedi Technical Institute and sixth graduation ceremony of Duhok Polytechnic University was held for the academic year 2017-2017 at Amedi Technical Institute. The ceremony was run with the attendance of many personalities from them deputy for management and Financial (Dr. Salah), dean of the institute (Dr. Hakar Zaki), Amedi district qaymaqam, many academic staff and students, representatives of different government directorates and non-government organizations, and families of students.

Amedi Technical Institute graduated 236 students for this academic year from different institute departments (MLT, IT morning and evening, business management evening, tourism management, and marketing). During his speech, the dean of the institute congratulated all students and explained the importance of the institute at Amedi district. He also mentioned the importance of elections for Kurdistan region generally which they will be held on 30/9/2018. Finally, the dean assistant (Mr. Binar Ameen) ordered from the dean of the institute to give all students their diploma degree after achieving all degree requirements and the dean gave them their diploma degree. Then the ceremony reached its final section and three first students from all departments were gifted.

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