The Nursing Department is dedicated to providing information, skills and values ​​to students to qualify them to provide high quality nursing services from the various health care facilities available in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and in Iraq in general, which contribute to the preparation of nursing staff in cooperation with local and regional bodies and organizations.


The nursing department at the Duhok Institute is looking forward to having a strong impact on health services in the Kurdistan region of Iraq through its excellent educational programs. These programs are designed to provide health services to society according to international and local academic standards.

Objectives of the Department:

1- Preparation of nursing students qualified scientifically and practically in the field of nursing care according to international academic standards.

2- Keeping up with the latest scientific and technical developments in the world in the field of nursing and delivering these developments to students.

3- To focus on the importance of the existence of the outputs of the educational process so that graduates can compete with their peers from other institutes and universities.

4- Provide nursing care to all patients of society regardless of age, sex or disease condition in the field of treatment, clinical and preventive.

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