Technical College of Engineering Opens the 2nd Round of the Graduate Students' Projects

2018-07-16 10:25:12

 Under the auspices of DPU President Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullaziz Technical Engineering College opens the 2nd round of the Graduate Projects at DPU on 25/6/2018-10:00 a.m.Dr. Dhiaa Mustafa Suleiman Dean of the Technical College of Engineering and Duhok Technical Institute explained that they have such projects of the 4th stage students of (Highway and Bridges, Technical Department, and Air-conditioning) every year. Dr. Dhiaa has also said that our students should perform something practically during the four years of college and that thing should be of the great benefit for the society.

Dean of the Technical College of Engineering also described that we prepare these students to make these projects become real and work on them practically. On the hand, to meet the needs of the community such as recycling items and sell them in Bazaars and have jobs in the future.

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