Duhok Polytechnic University Students Win in ‘The Stars’ Contest

The contest of education and science between the university students of Kurdistan Region which was organized by K24, Monday 23rd, 2018, DPU won the contest over the two universities (Tishik & Hawler). 130 points for DPU and 85 points for the others. In the second program, DPU & Bayan University had the contest and again won by Duhok Polytechnic University (70-50) points the total points of DUP is now (200) points. It needs to be known, that the second program (DPU vs. UoD) is beginning on 24/5/2018. Each of the following names is representing DPU in the contest:

1- Arshad Hito Abdullah Mohammed/ Supervisor

2- Ayub Abdullah Muhammad/ Student/ Highway and Bridging

3- Daghil Mitu Badal/ Medical

4- Omed Sami Abdulqadir/ Business Management/ Journalism

5- Emad Barakat Abdi/ Business Management/ Accounting

6- Hakar Moayad Khorsheed/ Architecture

7- Abdullah Haydar Haji /Management/ Journalism



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