Protection of Environment is a National and Humanitarian Duty

At Duhok Polytechnic University Presidency and entitled ( protection of environment is a national duty), some activities were done under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez and attended by Dr. Rajab Ibrahim Ahmed deputy of the President of DPU. The first activity was planting in the garden of DPU and unveiling of the curtain over the first employee Bayan Sabri Abdullah's photo as a curtecy. She was overwatcher of the plantation in 1989-1991. In addition, she was supervising the majority of the plantation project of DPU. Unfortunately, she passed away with the "migration of one million " in Chale. In this activity, students, family of Bayan Sabri, and the DPU staff were attended to show their Courtesy to the Late Miss Bayan.

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