Gender Development Conference of Kurdistan Universities


On March 8, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches cooperated with Women Affairs Council and under the care of the Deputy of Prime Minister Mr. Qubad Talabani presented a conference in order to pay more attention to the women affairs and to make this process more scientific in this year.

In this conference, the need to study women issue and make these issues analyzed more scientifically by Kurdistan Universities, and Gender Development Centers.

The conference consisted of two panels: In the first panel: The Gender Centre of Kurdistan Universities between duties and aims. In this panel, the representatives of all Sulaimaniya, Soran, and American University of Sulaimaniya were the first ones who appreciated opening such centres at their universities.

At the beginning of the first panel, Dr. Zubaida Saeed Salih representative of DPU spoke about the need of such centers--that they have been existed since 1970 in most of the world universities.

The second panel was about women conditions in the community. Mainly, this second part was about the study of women conditions and how to be benefited by the Gender Centres or the centers of the developed countries.

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