An Old Currency Bill Show in DPU

Rwanga Foundation the Center of Social and Legal Services with an assist from the activist Su’ood Mistu Najim Director of Kabartu Camping 1st.The Director said that he has been in connection with more than 40 Countries, friends, and the Radios as a result of that I have 80 different currencies of more than a hundred countries such as; bills, coins, and steel.

Mr. Su’ood said that since 1993 he has been collecting old currency and in 2009 for the first time he opened the Show contained of 25 tablets. This was ornamented beautifully by an Art Expert. The only thing panicked us was that we as Kurds couldn’t find our own currency as we don’t have one! He also insisted that the Show is to help the Refugees make their dreams real as they can participate with their skills.

Miss. Avivan Najman Rasheed Director of the Social and Legal Services Centre said they have some social centers in the camps whereby they provide various activities. So, we support those who have projects but don’t dare to come forth with their capabilities.  

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