Seminar about (REXNet)

Abstract of the seminar

On Sunday, 29th of October 2017, the presidency of Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) held a seminar collaborated with University of Duhok and University of Zakho for their delegates as Dr. Nawzat Sadiq Ahmed (DPU), Dr. Razwan M.S Najimaldeen (UOD), Dr. Mohammed A. Ibrahim (UOD) and Dr. Shamil Q. Talal (UOZ). The seminar, entitling "Building a Remote Experimentation Network for serving higher education teachers and students in Iraq (REXNet)", was for all academic staff of the DPU.
At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Nawzat welcomed the audience and praised the goal of this seminar. Then, Dr. Razawn and others presented the aspects of the REXNet project. This project has funded by IREX organization collaborative with Oklahoma State University (OSU), Oklahoma City, USA. In order to increase the collaborative work and research activities between Duhok universities and OSU.

The main objective of this seminar is to use Virtual Labs for serving students and teachers of Physics and computer science departments from those three universities (i.e. DPU, UOD, UOZ). In addition, it aims to develop an online virtual laboratory targeting computer science and engineering students. It is composed of several learning modules of robotics (i.e. Revolute Arm, Gantry, Automated Gantry, Auto W/point Picking, and Factory).

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