2022-11-23 09:01:41

Title of the Activity: Self-development

Type of the Activity: Seminar

Conducted at: Shikhan Technical Institute

Organized by: Program coordinators, Ramathan Hussein Khedher

Presented by:  Azad Hussein Taha

Date: 20/11/2022

A Brief Description: The purpose of this seminar was to show students the importance of self-improvement for college students. It can not only help them set apart upon graduation but may also help them lead more complete and fulfilled lives. Some tips were given on how to become a better student such as setting goals both short and long-term as a great way to measure their success, adopting and sticking to a study schedule, staying well-rested, healthy study techniques for proper exam preparation, and note-taking skills.

Targeted Audience: Twenty-five (25) second-year students of the Accounting Department participated in the Seminar.

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