Forest Protection in Duhok


On oct17th, 2022, a seminar was held in the seminar Hall of the DPU presidency on (Forest Condition in Duhok Province) – supervised by (Dr. Ali Tatar) – Duhok Governor. However, this seminar was attended by the syndicate of Agricultural Engineers along with the Duhok Directorate of Forest. (Prof. Dr. Ari Adel) – DPU President attended with 50 more directorates, government officials, and instructors. 

Lastly, the seminar were presented by Nechirvan Hazim Ramazan, the head of the Syndicate of Culture Engineers, Duhok Branch, the engineer Kawa Sabri Fars, the director of the forest, and the engineer Dilshad Abdul Rahman Muhammad, the director of the offices. As well as, Brigadier General Jamal Sado Kurki, director of the Peshmerga Forces or Environmental Protection Forces, and P.H.D. Hassan Najman, a university teacher and environmental teacher.

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