The Fourth International Conference of Engineering and Advanced Science

The Fourth International Conference of Engineering and Advanced Science Supervised by (Dr. Aram Mohammad Qader)- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and attended by partnership universities’ presidents, 150 instructors of Kurdistan and Iraq. However, 14 researchers of different countries also attended the conference held in Kurdistan Hall of the DPU. First section of speech was done by the DPU president (Prof. Dr.  Ari Adel) nd thanked all the researchers and the organizers of the conference. She added, ‘there have been many obstacles, yet we have continued above all. We will put all efforts to set our plan to identify strong and weak points’. 

    In the second and third sections, the certificates and awards were provided on three best reviews, three best evaluators, and all organizers of the conference by the presidents of the Polytechnic University of Duhok, Zakho University, and Bakur Polytechnic University. It is known that this is the fourth conference with the cooperation of IEEE Organization of Iraq and 166 research from 14 Arab and foreign countries have been presented and agreed on 71 research projects of 150 researchers. In addition, more than 500 evaluators have evaluated the research. It is expected that these research projects will be published on the scopus and DOAJ magazines and DOI magazine through IEEE Xplore and AIP.

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