The Fourth Scientific Conference Started in Zakho University

As supervised by ( Dr. Aram Muhammad Qader)-minister of high education and scientific research and with the presence of a number of instructors of Kurdistan, Iraq, and foreign universities, the 4th Engineering and Advanced Science Syllabus has been organized by all three universities (Zakho, Duhok Polytechnic, North Technical) and started at Zakho University.

The conference started with both national anthems (Iraq, Kurdistan) and standing for the souls of the martyrs, welcoming the speech started (Dr. Nazem Suleiman AbdulAziz)- president of Zakho University, discussed the importance of working in the field of science and pointed out how long it will continue to work in the field of information. However, the speech of the representative of the ministry of high education and scientific research was done by Dr. Sabah Weissi and thanked all three universities for preparing this conference.

On the other hand, the general supervisor of the conference by Dr. Karwan Fahmi Sami,Zakho University's deputy for student affairs, spoke about the start of the conference, the work and activities of the conference, and hoped that the two days of the conference would be conducted well and in line with the programs selected.

Divda Vaculer presented the seminars of her own research and the teachers who attended each of the seminars in the field of expertise and self-knowledge.

It is known that this conference was organized with the support of all three public universities of Polytechnic University of Duhok, Zakho University and Technical University of Bakor in the form of attendance and the conference was organized with the cooperation of IEEE Thai Organization of Iraq and 166 lawyers Of the 14 Arab and foreign countries. And 71 have been submitted and approved. The research projects will be announced through IEEE Xplore and AIP, which are two of them scops and EKJDOAJ or DJDOI.

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