Business Administration Department at ZTI held a workshop

2022-06-05 01:02:18

on sunday 5/6/2022 Under the supervision of (Prof.Dr. Ari Adel Abdulqadir) president of Duhok Polytechnic University and under the supervision of the Dean of Zakho Technical College and Institute (Dr. Abdulhakeem Othman Mohammad) and in collaboration with Zakho Independent Administration, the Administrative Department organized Workshop for two days with name and title (Coordination of administrative work and their importance for public units and offices).

 In order to raise the administrative level of staff working in public institutions within the framework of ethics and nature of duties were assigned and according to the principles of administrative and civil service laws in the management of work. 98 employers from different Zakho district departments have attended the 1st day of this workshop from business Administration department that held in ZTI.


it's worth to mention that tomorrow is the 2nd day of this workshop (6-6-2022) at 9:00 AM to be givin by (Mr. Cyia Ismat) and at 1:00 PM by (Mr. Dilovan Amin).


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