QA Seminars

2022-04-26 09:37:25

The following lecturers led four seminars today, Tuesday (26/4/2022), as part of the activities of the Quality of Assurance Unit at Zakho Technical Institute.

1-   Dr. Mohammad Ismail Mohammad from Nursing department presented a seminar entitled (Fascioliasis in Livestock with Its Epidemiological and Molecular Studies in Iraq).

2-   Mr. khdir Khalil Shekho from Customs Administration department presented a seminar entitled (The 10 biggest mistakes business leaders make).

3-    Mr. Qais Mustafa Abdulqadir from College of Petroleum and Science presented a seminar entitled (Primary Data VS Secondary Data: An Example Of Wavelet Transforms)

4-    Mr. Nashwan Mohammad Salih from Information Technology department presented a seminar entitled (Snapchat)


At the end of the seminars within the presence of number of lecturers from Zakho Technical Institute a set of questions and answers were raised on the subjects.

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