The Kurdistan National Flag Day was commemorated at Zakho Technical College and Institute.

On Thursday, December 16th, 2021, in the presence of the dean of Zakho Technical College and Institute Dr.Abdulhakeem Othman Mohammad, assistant dean Mr. Nashwan Mohammad Salih, the official of the Kurdish Democratic Party- Zakho sector Mr. Ali Awni with a delegation, the official of the Kurdistan Student Union, members of Zakho Technical College and Institute's council, staff, and students commemorated Kurdistan National Flag Day by caring out many different activities.

The celebration began with a few remarks from the dean of Zakho Technical College and Institute, who welcomed all the attendees after observing a moment of silence to honor martyrs and raising the flag with the Kurdistan national anthem (Ai Raqib). Following then, Mr. Ali Awni spoke on the significance of Kurdistan National Flag Day.

It's worth noting that the Parliament of Kurdistan designated December 17 as Kurdistan National Flag Day, which is extensively observed throughout the region.


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