At Zakho Technical Institute, a seminar on End Violence against Women was held.

2021-12-12 09:33:27

A Special debate held at Zakho Technical Institute celebrated the 16-day campaign of activity for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 

Today, on Sunday, December 12th, 2021, Rawshan Organization for Women's Right, under the direction of Mr. Gohdar Shekho, director of Zakho Independent Administration, concluded a 16-day campaign at Zakho Technical Institute after participating in various activities in Zakho aria.

They were welcomed by Dr. Abdulhakeem Othman Mohammad, dean of ZAkho Technical College and Institute, and Mr. Nashwan Mohammad Salih, assistant dean. This debate was attended by lecturer, employees, and students from Zahko Technical Institute.

They began by releasing 16 doves at Zakho Technical Institute. Then, at the conference hall, a debate was held, which was organized by Mr. Adel Kherki, the debate manager, Mr. Farhad Mahmod, the Mayor of Batifa, Miss. Shreen Dino, the women's right trainer, and Miss. Vaman Faisal, a law major and former politician of Kurdistan parliament.

At the conclusion of the debate, several thanks letters and rose bouquet were handed to supervisors and participants.


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