A Scientific Workshop

2021-09-11 06:10:06


Under the supervision of the president of Duhok Polytechnic University (Asst.Prof. Dr. Aree Adel) and (Dr. Sarmad Alshamery)- President of the Community of (Al-rasikh) and observed by (Dr. Yaseen Al-issawi)- Agent of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches. However, this free conference was led by (Dr. Hadi Khaleel)- Technical and Administrative Institute Dean.  

 Moreover, the DPU with the cooperation of the Community of (Al-rasikh) supervised by the Directorate of Research and Development of the Ministry of Higher Education /Iraq, a workshop held on (The Green Space Engineering and Water Management in Iraq 2021- Techniques and challenges).

There were also 84 participants, yet, the beginning word of the workshop was by  the DPU president. After that, the instructors from different universities and ministries started to give their lectures. At last , many suggestions were made .

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