Global Solutions Conversations a Virtual Student Exchange Program

2021-02-17 02:58:50


During Global Solutions Conversations,  300 community college and university students from the US and university students from Jordan and Iraq meet live in binational groups to discuss global challenges inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through a six-week virtual exchange series starting from  17/02/2021 consisting of six binational calls, students will practice cross cultural collaboration and learn about each other’s culture as they engage in the process of design thinking and discuss global issues in their community. Individual teams will brainstorm a community project idea to support increased sustainability in their local communities.  

Our University was partnered with Tompkins Cortland Community College. The students from both sides were regularly meeting online to discuss about the issues related to the theme of the program. The faculty member in charge from DPU is Mr. Muhammad A. Ahmad Duhoki.

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