PhD Thesis Discussion

2021-06-17 01:29:44

 On Thursday, July 16th, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., a PhD Thesis discussion held by (Siwar Abdulsalam Zuber). However, the thesis is entitled (Energy Extraction from Concentrated Photovoltaic Module with Hybrid (Air + Water) Cooling System). After six hours of defending, he acquired a ‘Very Good’ mark.

Committee members were:

Prof. Dr. Burhan Mahmoud Al’ali/ President

Asst.Prof. Idrees Izzat Hamakhan/ Member

Asst. Prof. Adnan Mahmoud Sefawi/ Member

Asst. Prof. Ranj Sirwan Abdullah/ Member

Asst. Prof. Ayad Younis Abdullah/ Member

Asst. Prof. Omar Mohammad Ali/ Member and the 1st Supervisor

Asst. Prof. Craig Benson / Member and thye 2nd Supervisor 

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