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Vision :

The scope of nursing practice is changing significantly. The professional nurse uses theory and Practical knowledge to provide direct and indirect care to individuals, families, groups, and communities.


Mission :

The mission of the Department of Nursing is to offer quality nursing education to undergraduate nursing students. This education prepares nurses by giving them clinical decision making skills based on theory and practice.


Goals :

  1. The inculcation of strong work ethics and positive values that are fundamental to the provision of a conducive environment for quality education;
  2. Accommodating students and staff from diverse backgrounds and to institute effective ways of mentoring and nurturing talents;
  3. Harnessing innovation through research and promoting the spirit of community engagement;
  4. Promoting collaboration and cooperation with other departments and health institutions in exploring effective solutions to health care challenges in Kurdistan through evidence based research.
  5. Ensuring that students become creative, responsible and productive future leaders.
  6. Providing adequate academic education where students are recruited, trained and placed according to local and national needs.

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