Computer Networks

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Vision :

The Department of Computer Networks aims to prepare skilled staff to work in the field of installation and repair of computer networks, mobile phones, and the Internet, to work in government offices and the private sector to fill the gap in the labor market.

During the two academic years, students will study a valuable and rich curriculum to become familiar with computers, information technology, database systems, programming, and creating applications for smartphones and website design, in addition to installing, repairing, and managing computer networks.


Mission :

This Department teaches topics related to Computer networks and their security to satisfy the needs of the society and supply it with specialists in this field. It works hard to absorb knowledge and benefit from it in the construction of the scientific, cultural and moral thinking. It attempts continuously to participate in the community activities and in developing internal and administrative systems and aims to achieve quality standards that qualify the department to gain the institutional or specialized accreditation.


Goals :

1- Preparing competent staff in the field of creating, Maintenance, managing, and using networks in private companies and public institutions.

2- Serving the community by founding and opening specialized training courses, also, Providing society with specialists in computer networks.

3- Getting a good experience in working with computers in terms of equipment and programming.

4- Providing experience in Internet technology and networks in general.

5- Working with all computer programs in daily life.

6- Preparing a middle staff between students and teachers in practical lessons in the field of Computer Networks, in colleges and universities.

7- The main objective of our department is to train technical center cadres in the field of computer networking, creating websites, and communicating information through technology and e-commerce.

8- Our graduates can participate in the process of electronic government institutions.

9- Our graduates can also become computer teachers in primary schools.

10- Enhancing knowledge and keeping pace with progress by means of making workshops and seminars that deal with contemporary challenges.

11- Fulfilling the needs of the community for reliable well trained staff.

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