The Research Center of Duhok Polytechnic University Held a Three-Day Workshop

2021-05-05 02:14:46

 The Research Center of Duhok Polytechnic University held a three-day workshop  entitled “2021 Virtual Research Workshop for PG Students”  The workshop focused on two main axes: 

  The first axis includes the presentation of lectures interspersed with interactive questions through the Poll Everywhere program and discussions presented by (Dr. Ammar Essam Idree) Preparation of the study plan “Research Proposal Writing” - Using the Mendeley Desktop program for resource management. - Designing and writing “Past Studies” Literature Review. Essential Differences between Review Articles  The second axis included discussions and open questions from the participants to the Director of the Research Center, Dr. Diyar Qadir about scientific research, journals, confer ences and everything related to postgraduate studies.

  It is worth noting that 200 participants from DPU, Duhok University, Zakho University, Nowruz University, Salahadin University and some other universities were registered in the workshop.  After the success of this workshop and the receipt of many recommendations and suggestions by the participants, it was agreed with the Research Center to organize a set of workshops that would help graduate students to succeed in their scientific career and find out latest updates regarding research and scientific journals.  At the end, certificates were distributed to the participants who attended at least two days or more. Finally, they wish everyone success. 

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