•   The department established at 2009-2010.
  •   Nine batches were graduated with a total number of (More than 450 surveyors) till 2018.
  •   Nowadays we have (56 students) in 1st stage and (84 students) in 2nd stage.

The Vision

To quality in performance and to achieve leadership and excellence in the field of survey engineering techniques to provide the community with highly qualified technical engineers with skilled man power.

The Mission

Our goal is to create a generation of surveyors reinforced with the updated necessary knowledge, in the science of surveying.


To develop and qualify the graduates of our Department and the staff to be technically qualified in the field of surveying engineering and its updated  techniques to contribute in developing and renovation of the region and to meet the needs of the country in various engineering projects (Drawing contour maps, topographic survey, aerial survey, remote sensing, and surveying equipment devices) in both public and private sectors.

Description of the Graduate Task 

Within two years of academic studding we try to create a generation of surveyors capable to collect all necessary data  about the nature of the earth, collecting required parameters  about the required  land, subjects and points

On/or near the surface of the earth, which are required to make the necessary plots and maps.

 We try also to learn our students how to read any existing plots or maps relating the  engineering  projects in variety  interests, by gaining the knowledge  and capability to carry out various survey works through the use of traditional and modern techniques to utilize all the equipment and the instruments (The use of theodolite & level and modern electronic surveyors (Total Stations) in surveying, implementation of horizontal and vertical control networks, mapping, topographic, Design and supervision of road projects and all infrastructure projects) which are essential to perform their task’s.

   Conduct high-accuracy surveys of engineering projects (dams, reservoirs, bridges, tunnels, laboratories, heavy machinery, and airport roads)

  Read and analyze aerial photos, satellite images, town planning, feasibility studies, map updating and work on various remote sensing software for data processing and environmental studies.

  The usage of GIS is to build a database and produce digital maps in various fields. Maintenance - Water networks - Electricity networks - Sewage - Roads - Major factories and others.

  To be capable to use GPS and DGPS Instruments to integrate my attempt to connect all necessary and strategic pointers in the region in one integrated from (one integrated network system).



Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns at the following addresses and numbers:

Head of Department

Naji Abdullah Majedkhan

Email:[email protected]

[email protected]              

Phone Number: (+964)7504427305


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