Animal Resources

The department established in 2013 at Amedi Technical Institute (ATI) that is a part of Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) to provide better chance to improve and sustain animal production in Kurdistan Region generally and in Amedi district specifically. Animal resources department was built in Amedi as a strategic place for animal production because it has a fertile land, mountainous land, and a large amount of water.


Animal resources department aims to achieve many goals some of them are:

  • Improvement in animal production field in Amedi specifically and in the Kurdistan region generally.
  • Introduction of sustainable methods in animal production.
  • Increase productivity through animal breeding.
  • Better animal management (nutrition, health… etc.)
  • A graduation of technical staff that are able to build, operate, and/or manage animal projects
  • Encouraging the private sector by providing staff that are able to build animal projects
  • Increasing local animal products in Kurdistan Region markets.


With an increasing human population, the demand for food increases year by year. In order to satisfy this demand, the country needs to improve the agriculture field practically and scientifically. Animal production department was built to improve and sustain the animal resources in the area as well as to graduate a technical staff that is able to build, operate, and/or manages animal projects successfully whether in public sector or in private sector.

 Graduate Tasks:

After completion graduates will be able to:

-         Work on animal projects and industries

-         Work at agricultural directorates according to government need

-         Start small-scale animal and animal products projects

-         Sustain and improve local and organic animal production

-         Three first students can continue BSc. In Animal production at University of Duhok, college of agriculture; however, their average mark must be higher than 80\\\\%

-         Three first students can be employed according to government need.  


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