Marketing Management


The mission of this department is to provide the proficient students in this field to suit the modern profession requirements for the various employees of marketing with the different sections; like to expertise them in getting the related information in this area of study, and to develop analytical abilities and technical skills, and also to develop their abilities to identify marketing problems and train to solve them.


Marketing Management Department in Amedi Technical Institute comes first in graduating the best-specialized students in the marketing field in Duhok province in particular and in Kurdistan region in general. 


  • This Department strives to provide students with a career in marketing by educating them and teaching them the modern marketing developmental programs.
  • Inventing and thinking creatively, the aim to improve the student’s abilities in transferring and practicing information about work area after graduation and assignment.
  • Improving student’s abilities to adapt to the new-made technical and marketing researchers in today’s world of work.
  • Associating students and work with companies when they research and train.


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