Statistics and Information


The mission of the department is to contribute to the mission of the Amedi Technical Institute of Duhok Polytechnic University, through the interaction of the department with the rest of departments of the Institute. It also aims to prepare graduates with diverse skills in the fields of statistics and information along with the basics of other sciences organized by the Institute. As well as it provides the students with the aspects of the application that relate to their majorities this entitles them to enter the labor market.


The department's vision is to build a qualitative structure that will play a role in enriching and supporting different fields, both academic and labor market. It also emphasizes the integration of the statistical and informational aspects and the production of knowledge that contributes to building the future of the knowledge society.



  1. Continuing aspiration for knowledge excellence in education, scientific research and professional service in various sciences.
  2. Prepare students for the labor market and develop their abilities to interact and communicate with others through active participation in the field training program.
  3. Acquire skills to present ideas and work within one team through graduation projects.
  4. Rehabilitation of students for postgraduate studies in the field of statistics and informatics
  5. Preparing scientific staff through postgraduate programs.
  6. Interaction with other sciences, especially with mathematics and computer science
  7. Contribute to the development of the science of statistics and its branches through innovative scientific research and participation in seminars and scientific conferences and hosting some of them.

Graduate tasks:

The tasks of graduates from Statistics and Informatics Department:

  1.   They have the ability to provide statistical consultation to governmental and private departments and institutions for researchers in various fields of applied science.
  2.   Processing and analysis of all types of data statistically as well as through the computer and the extraction of statistical indicators and interpreting them.
  3.   Preparing statistical reports on various activities.
  4.   Operating the computer and applications that are ready for beneficiaries
  5.   Contributing in creation and auditing of data entry to the computer.
  6.   Contributing in preparation and designing of systems and software and developing them to serve statistical analysis.
  7.   Possibilities for organizing training courses in their field of specialization.

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