PhD Discussion

On February 4, 2021, 10:00 a.m., a PhD discussion of (Na’man Omar Yaseen) from Akre Informatics College IT Department held on (DPU) campus in seminar hall. However, the title of the theses is (Proposed a New Algorithm for Object Recognition Using Appearance Features). Finally, the discussion committee provided him with a (Very Good) mark.


Committee Members:

Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez/ President

Prof. Dr. Subhi Rafiq Muhammad/ Member

Asst.Prof. Dr. Ameen Saleh Muhammad/ Member

Asst.Prof. Dr. Maiwan Abdulrazaq/ Member

Asst.Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hazem Younis/ Member

Dr. Salem Ghanem Sa’eed/ Member and the 1st supervisor





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