About us

The History:

Bardarash ​​Institute was founded on 1/7/2009 to be a vital center reflects the scientific, academic and cultural development of the region in general and the Kurdistan Region in particular. Where he received since its inception, and until this day, students from various regions of the province and from different ethnic groups, so this is what gives the pluralistic nature of the Institute featured.

The Institute comprises three sections: the Department of Business Administration, Department of Information Technology, Department of Nursing, and also contains specialized laboratories in the field of Computer Systems and Medical Nursing Sciences



The Vision:

Looks Technical Institute in Bardarash ​​to have a strong impact positively in the field of applied science technology in Kurdistan Region society, through the rehabilitation of the technical & teaching staff development in order to serve directed the polytechnic University of Duhok via gradually by global and local academic standards, therefore, Institute seeks to attract students of different cultures from all provinces of the region.



The Mission:

• Make the institute as a front for the scientific and cultural area.

• Follow up human resources career at the institute and develop their capacities and abilities employment.

• Make departments comprising the place of Informatics and applied intellectual.

• Coordination with government sections located in Bardarash ​​including meet and to look to the uneven application of academy students during the year.



The Goals:

• Prepare qualified scientifically and practically in the field of administrative and academic standards by the scientific world.

• keep up with scientific and technical developments that occur in the modern world.

• Focus on the importance of having the output of the educational process, including graduates can compete with their peers from other institutes graduates in technical studies and preliminary work career.

• serve the local community in particular and Kurdistan society in general through cooperation with governmental and private institutions in the region and the establishment of seminars, lectures and workshops.

• holding scientific seminars by the faculty members at the institute.

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