Three seminars were presented at ZTI

On Tuesday the 16th of November 2021, within the activities of the Quality of Assurance Unit at Zakho Technical Institute and in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer, three seminars...

2021-11-16 11:57:14
Cisco course visited Zakho technical institute

The academic staff, Brig, visited the Zakho Technical Institute for the purpose of opening a Cisco course on (CCNA1) Scientific Lessons Today, Tuesday, 22/6/2021, the Cisco course offered practical...

2021-06-22 02:51:07
Practical experience with nursing exams

Today, 5/1/2021 experiences and practicing of the first chair (Morning - Evening) of the first grade stage, of students, they have done a practical practice. The guide of protecting yourself from...

2021-01-05 08:41:35
.The Zakho Technical Institute Council was held Online

Today 23/03/2020, The Zakho Technical Institute Council was held Online via Zoom App., under the theme” We’re committed to follow the regulations of Kurdistan Region Government to thwart...

2020-03-23 05:05:27
the Moodle platform

Zakho Technical Institute started with numbers of steps in order to convoy the new technology methods in educational systems. Due to the current situation the Moodle platform has been proposed to be...

2020-03-17 01:17:49
The Ping Pong tournament has been held

A healthy mind has a healthy body..Today was very busy, active, and energetic day. In a Competitive and friendly atmosphere, the Ping Pong tournament has been held among the staff of both TCPM and...

2020-02-27 12:01:56

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