Management Information System

 The Vision                                                          

Preparing distinguished scientific and technical cadres and giving them the needed skills for the managerial informational system.

 The Mission

Attracting the best academic cadres needed to take the burden of the educational process to accomplish a distinct learning, and providing students with the necessary skills needed in the field of the managerial information system so as to apply them in business organization where they work.

 The Objectives

  • To have very well trained workers in the field of the computer sciences and IT and also managerial information.
  • Providing students with the modern IT information to analyze, design, implement and preserve the IT of computer to assist the managerial decision-making.
  • Answering the society s needs through the activities that are matching the texts programs in the college.
  • Keeping an active program of assessment and quality improvement in the educational activities.
  • Keeping in touch with all modern and scientific developments in all fields concerning the IT.

 Head of department:

  • FullName : Dilshad Yousif Mohammed.
  • M.Sc. in Management Information Systems
  • Email: Dilshad_Yousef
  • Mobile: 07508144497


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