This department was established in 2017/ Evening study, and in  2018 Morning Study, and this department aims to prepare a specialized technical cadres to work in the fields of financial and accounting sciences to find employment opportunities in the financial sectors and other financial and monetary institutions and other companies concerned with computer technologies that perform accounting and monetary tasks, thus, this specialty is unique for any kind of study related to administration and economics.


 One of the key elements of the Accounting Department is to meet one of the most important objectives of the Institute, which is to qualify the student academically and scientifically in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market in particular and directly. As well as work to provide a distinctive educational environment and the establishment of professors and teachers of scientific research and provide services to the community through the provision of financial and accounting staff and provide them in various departments of the state.


Our vision stems from our knowledge of the needs of the society and the labor market, which need such specialization, which serves all sectors of the state, which is not without any institution in the society, both public and private sectors.

Objectives and Description of the graduate Task:

  • Graduation of scientific cadres specialized in accounting sciences.
  • Provide the state departments with scientific cadres competent in accounting area.
  • Organizing the accounts and the balance sheet, budgets and other financial issues in all public organizations and big companies.
  • Working as a cost accountants and administrative accountants in large companies and institutions that depend on scientific management or on professional managers who adopt the quantitative accounting information to rationalize different administrative jobs.
  • Working as an expert and financial analyst in money markets and bureaus.

 Had of department:

Name: Mohsen Hassan Mohammed

Degree: Master in Economic sciences 

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: +9647504676742


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