Information Security


1-     One of the major goals of the department is to come up with a staff that able to design & run computer networks safely & special governmental websites according to the needs of the institutions.

2-     Help to ensure the needs of local citizens & institutions through offering the necessary information to solve the problems that they face when they dealing with computers and networks concerning information security.

3-     Participate in the progress of the science of information security with the scientific basis of this science.

4-     Receiving specialized grades in the fields of computer engineering & communications and financial, scientific as well as commercial areas.



 Vision: The department of information security is considered to be one of the first scientific departments in technical college of informatics. It has been established in September 2016, and since that time 52 students have been accepted from secondary schools to start their studies according to the plane performed. This department has been established to fulfill the excessive needs of governmental institutions in the Kurdistan region and to ensure the graduation of a dedicated staff in this significant field to cover the requirements of the governmental institutions in this time.



 Description of the Graduate Task:


The name and contact information of the head of department:

NAME: Imad Majed Rashed


EMAIL: [email protected]


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