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 Technical College of Informatics/Akre referred to foundation of technical education which was established in 2015, in order to satisfy the need for unavailable important specialization in the other Kurdistan universities.

The objective of this college is to prepare advance technical aspect in the level of technical informatics B.Sc. qualifies scientific and technically to deal with modern technology, in addition to that, the development of MSc degree in order to following the scientific progress:


Scientific departments

  1.            Information Technology
  2.            Information Security.


    Qualifications for under graduate

  1.            Secondary school - scientific/Literary branch
  2.            5\\\% outstanding students of the institutes


    Degree offered ( under graduate)

-        BSc technology



-       General description:

Key business thrusts of Informatics, an experienced education and training provider which has been in the higher education industry since its inception in Iraq-Kurdistan region in 2015. Over the past 25 years, Informatics has grown and expanded as a Group, creating a global training and education network which spans across 68 countries including Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and countries in the Middle-East, Africa and North America. With this global network and localized knowledge in every locality, Informatics has enabled millions of individuals around the world to achieve world-class qualifications with international recognition through its wide range of progressive development programs from specialized skills certifications and professional training to undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Informatics is Kurdistan region pioneer Information and Technology private higher education institution. Today, Informatics has expanded its programs to include Business Administration, Engineering and Hospitality & Tourism Management as well.


-         Vision

Technical College of Informatics in teaching and academic research at local and regional levels in the areas of computer science and information technology through offering locally and internationally accredited programs aiming at state-of-the-art learning.

We are the preferred and leading educational institution offering IT-empowered courses that produces globally competitive individuals who can be innovators of the world.


-         Mission


Technical college of Informatics' Mission is to educate and train  our students to make them effective and competent contributors to society. With this in view, we struggle to develop individuals to maximize and realize their potential by enabling the learner to acquire a strong know


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