•        Mission:

     The mission of the accounting department is to serve and develop the society by preparing the accountants that are able to provide the economical markets, contribute, support, modify the economical environment, and invest in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

  •        Vision:

     The accounting department is one of the most vital departments in Akre technical college, DohukPolytechnic University.  This department provides craft and academic information on the accounting field. So, this department will contribute to provide the market sector in Kurdistan Region with the accountants that are able to perform the accounting tasks and to develop them.


  •        Description of the Graduate Task :
  •         To prepare accounting parties which are ready scientifically and practically for governmental nongovernmental sectors.
  •         Prepare students primarily to help them for work after graduation academically and professionally.
  •         The creation of ambition and desire for students towards development of the accounting profession and overcome any &nibs;weakness points.
  •         Provide special background comparisons with different accounting systems and feasibility for building accounting systems.


  •         The name and contact information of the head of department:

Dilshad Mohammed Sadeq Othman / Head of Department

Email / 

[email protected]

Mobile/ 07504471174

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